I should be coming back to Tumblr anytime soon.

Very mych indeed. We cool.

I heard you like the bad girls, honey, is that true?

Listen: Lou Reed - “Modern Dance”

Lou Reed’s birthday today. He’s like a hero to me, alive and counting. His poetry has forever changed my way of thinking and understanding music. Velvet Underground rests under my pillow every night. I’ve been mesmerized since the very first time I heard it. Reed grew into this kind of bitter old lady and his Lulu, alongside Metallica, is a truly pain in the ass, but who’s to blame the chap for such lapse? He’s done so many masterpieces I couldn’t care less for this stupid thing he’s done last year.

"Modern Dance" is so mind-blowing it became one of my all time favs. I used to love the old video for that, in which Lou was dressed as a very big chicken, walking on a stage trying to save his life. It was a blast during my teenage years but it seems to have been removed from every-freaking-where. 

Listen to the second edition of our new radio show on Red Bull Music Academy Radio presenting two new Brazilian artists, Pélico and Pipo Pegoraro.

Way too classy, the live sessions are masterpieces so you can get a bit of the coolest sounds Brazil’s breeding.

A segunda edição do Red Bull Music Academy Radio tem elegantes sessões desplugadas de Pélico, que ainda trouxe Pipo Pegoraro como seu convidado e aposta musical. 

I.luv.this: Fresh Espresso - Hush

New track by the Seattle duo. Just awesome. Even made me come back tumblring.

Fresh Espresso is back! 

P Smoov and Rik Rude are at it again with the release of their first single “Hush” from their upcoming full length LP “Bossalona”. 

Hush is a sonic victory lap. It’s an anthem for the big dreamers and the tenacious underdogs of the world. With a beat to knock your teeth out and battle cry lyrics “Hush” has Fresh Espresso soaring to new heights. “It’s not a wish if it’s happening.”

Sheri Moon is looking badass good in my room.

Luscious Jackson is coming back!

They should be releasing a new album soon. Here’s a new single track (and video) “Are You Ready?”.

(Source: youtube.com)

Beatnik Horror

Beatnik Horror

He hates my guts.

A cool Thursday deserves something as beautiful as this:

Tom Jone’s newest track, “Evil”, from the Blue Series he recorded at Third Man Records, produced by - guess who - Jack White. 


Watch: new Exit Earth video, “No Light Sense”

The fuzzy UK group has just released a new video. This band’s got guitars!, and that’s a very important thing. They’re in betweens of being way too cool for an indie band and too raw for a hi-tech rock group. Their identity is awesome and quite peculiar, the way they put up what they mean is indeed creative and they make it sound as of no big endeavor. 

(Source: youtube.com)

The White Stripes - Let’s shake hands